Àrnica - Devotioceltibérica
GH Records - GH 126 VN Limited Edition Vinyl
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Àrnica·Devotioceltibérica" 7" . Two Ritual offerings, 'Frente mis Ojos' and 'Bajo mis Pies' this one together with Urze de Lume and Neønymus.

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THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails
GH Records - GH 126 CD
Neoclassic, Dark Wave, Mysticism, Martial, Esoteric Music
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Old enigmas. Contemporary enigmas. All are looking for the Holy Grail, the magic object that can immortalize the body and soul of the one who has it.

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Circuncelion - Begotten - Forgotten
GH Records - GH 125 VN Limited Edition Vinyl
Dark Wave
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Circuncelion recovers the essence of the legendary label 4AD, Dark Wave Minimal ...

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Of Darkness - Tribute to Krzysztof Penderecki - Passio et mors Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Lucam
GH Records - GH 125 CD
Funeral Death Music
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The new work Of Darkness continues its constant search process, this time making visible the negation of art through the combination of various forms of musical expression...

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Estigmas - The Short Movie & Music Compilation
GH Records - GH 124 CD + DVD
Science Fiction, Mysticism, Martial, Apocalyptic B.S.O.
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Estigmas + La Glorificación del Icono Traumatico is a cult film, a philosophical thriller, GH Records rescues from oblivion with image enhancements and new songs to the soundtrack....

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In Meditarivm - The Broken Urn
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.07 CD
Industrial Dark Ambient Ritual
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Olegh Kolyada's Panoptikvm series. This compilation features selected tracks from project's first records "Les Fleurs du Mal" and "Uterus"

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First Human Ferro / Ostarbeiter – Ego Vox
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.06 CD
Industrial Dark Ambient Death
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"Ego Vox" is a post industrial split by FHF and Ostarbeiter, two Olegh Kolyada's projects famous for a special existential vein of dark ambient and death industrial electronics...

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Neonymus Ø
Medieval Folk Spiritual Music Visigoth
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An emotional journey from the Paleolithic to the XXI. century. Vocal polyphony + technology. Close your eyes.

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El Lobo y la Espada ( ultra-limited series )


The Wyrm - Live in Paris
El Lobo y la Espada - L.E.06 CD
GH Records
Folk Experimental
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The Wyrm Live in Paris, 05/05/2014

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Hate the Modern World ( ultra-limited series )


Kraschau - Fide Lege Rege
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.04 CD ultra-limited series
Martial, Neoclassic
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Kraschau live, essential document for fans of the genre...
Recorded live at Metal Cave, Warsaw

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Grassa Dato - La Muerte Roja
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.05 K (cassette) ultra-limited series
GH Records
Noise Industrial
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Grassa Dato is an experimental Noise music project created by the multifaceted artist Zylon Sentiounaut (Abductores, WE ARE THE HUNTERS , Gur Bruo) in 2011. Their sound is a combination of industrial sounds with Experimental and noise.

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WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit
GH Records - GH 122 VN Limited Edition Vinyl
Electronic, Space Music, Synth Synthesizer
6.00 EUR

The two projects Electro Music (WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit) most interesting today, all together on a space travel...



WASP - 12 B (Humanoid Contact) WE ARE THE HUNTERS Remix By Mynationshit

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The two projects Electro Music (WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit) most interesting today, all together on a space travel...

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Kraschau - Une Foi d'Acier
GH Records - GH 127 CD
Martial Neoclassic Industrial



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