Kraschau - Fide Lege Rege
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.04 CD
Martial, Neoclassic
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Kraschau live, essential document for fans of the genre...
Recorded live at Metal Cave, Warsaw

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WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit
GH Records - GH 122 VN Limited Edition Vinyl
Electronic, Space Music, Synth Synthesizer
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The two projects Electro Music (WE ARE THE HUNTERS & Mynationshit) most interesting today, all together on a space travel...

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Estigmas + La Glorificación del Icono Traumatico
GH Records - DVD + CD Special Limited Edition
Science Fiction, Mysticism NZ, Martial, Apocalyptic B.S.O.

During World War II, German scientists and occultists, in their quest for perfection, developed a substance capable of creating a mystical metamorphosis in men and enhance their human condition.A key to get in tune with the gods and achieve a higher level of existence...one Film of and José Moral & J.Luis Martínez

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B.S.O: The Protagonist, Puissance, Der Blutharsch, In Slaughter Natives, Mayhem, Kazeria, Turnavel, Suveräna Vanguard, Silent Love of Death...



The Wyrm - Devotio Iberica
GH Records - GH 123 VN 7 ''Limited Edition Vinyl
Folk Dark Folk
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Limited Edition Vinyl, pure folk, warriors and ancient gods...

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Anatomia De Vanitats - The Anthropic Principle
GH Records - GH 121 CD Super Special Edition
Dark Ambient Drone Industrial
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In cosmology, The Anthropic Principle states that any valid theory of the Universe must be consistent with the existence of human beings...

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Grassa Dato & Matatus
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.03 K (cassette)
Industrial Dark Ambient Experimental
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Two multifaceted artists like MATATUS & GRASSA DATO have joined forces to create a unique album..

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Kraschau - Falanx
GH Records - GH 120 CD
Neoclassic Industrial Martial
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Musically Kraschau continues the symphonic, neo-classical concept, this time with more tension: sometimes even more harsher industrial elements, sometimes more clear and glorius orchestral anthemst.

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A Musical Tribute To Edward Packard, Master Of Adventures
Logia 933 - LG933/CD02
Industrial Neoclassic Martial LO-FI
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Edward Packard is the creator of the concept that gave birth to the book series "Choose Your Own Adventure". Author of over 50 books in the series that captivated the imagination of the world from 1978 to 1998...

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Turnavel - Unbewusste
GH Records - GH 118 CD
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Maurice Maeterlinck compared the unconscious to an unfathomable ocean scarcely illuminated by a dim phosphorescence.

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Neonymus Ø
Medieval Folk Spiritual Music Visigoth
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An emotional journey from the Paleolithic to the XXI. century. Vocal polyphony + technology. Close your eyes.

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El Lobo y la Espada

D.A.G.A. - Zona de Guerras
El Lobo y la Espada - L.E.04 K7 (cassette)
Minimal Dark Wave Post-Punk
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The Music of D.A.G.A is overshadowed by defeat and a tireless will at the same time, motivated by loss and a weird hope of reencounter in the form of a final victory.

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Hate the Modern World

Mary X - An Industrial Tribute to Eraserhead
Hate the Modern World - H.T.M.02 CD
Industrial Experimental Noise
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Mary X is the more visceral side, minimalist and obscurantist by Sergio Sanchez, noisy and phonographist.

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Aura Noctis - Itineris I
GH Records - GH108 MP3
Neoclassic Dark Wave
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The style of Aura Noctis is often described as "neoclassical",does not often conform with general standards of gothic or darkwave music. Their past music could be described as a soundscape , mixed with singing on poetic and melancholy themes. Explores powerful emotions of love, vulnerability, isolation, loss, jealousy, and passion...



Francisco López - Untitled #249

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Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene. For more than thirty years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion.

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THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails
GH Records - CD Special Limited Edition
Neoclassic, Dark Wave, Mysticism, Martial, Esoteric Music



Old enigmas. Contemporary enigmas. All are looking for the Holy Grail, the magic object that can immortalize the body and soul of the one who has it.

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