THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails

The sacred texts indicate that during Jesus’ crucifixion his blood was collected in a cup by Joseph of Arimathea. After being released from prison, he took the chalice to a mysterious place, a mythical island where it was built the first castle and was created the order of The protectors of the Holy Grail.

Is this just a myth or a metaphysics truth? The search of the Graal existed and exists in the present time; from Asia to America, and there are many who say they have it in churches or museums. A grail. Thousand grails

Soon (GH Records, Logia 933, Lafarium Cuartiquis) A Musical Tribute To the Holy Grails: The Wyrm, Kazeria, Turnavel, Circuncelion, Igniis, Stillme., Dernière Attaque, HIPERBOREI, Ouroboros…A super special edition with illustrations Albæ Mostazovska*

THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails – ahonda en los mitos alrededor del Cáliz Sagrado: desde su creación a partir de una gema esmeralda desprendida de Lucifer, hasta la extravagante Corte del Rey Arturo, pasando por la enigmática Patagonia Argentina, donde se hallaría enterrado junto al cuerpo del Caballero Parsifal.
Enigmas antiguos. Enigmas contemporáneos. Todos buscan y desean el Santo Grial, objeto que permite la inmortalidad del cuerpo y la salvación del alma.

Estamos preparando (GH Records, Logia 933, Lafarium Cuartiquis) un tributo musical al santo Grial con Bandas como, The Wyrm, Kazeria, Turnavel, Circuncelion, Igniis, Stillme., Dernière Attaque, HIPERBOREI, Ouroboros…Una edición súper especial con ilustraciones de Albæ Mostazovska*

Ouroboros - Sanctum Gradalis

Ouroboros - Sanctum Gradalis

Marco Grosso - Strings, Keyboards, Drones, Subliminal Sounds

Stefania Domizia - Operatic Vocals

Recorded at Mannequin Basement 2014 by Mraco Groso

Mastered by Cecco Testa in 2014

in Creative Fields Studios

OUROBOROS is a musical project born in 2004 from an idea of Marco Grosso, that decides, after several years of esoteric and alchemic studies, to realize through the music, the path of the Great Opera of Alchemy, in his research for the Philosophical Stone.
OUROBOROS tracks bring the listener in the ancients fogs of Medieval Times, with their sad and restless mood, Latin litanies and old style artwork.
After the release of the first cd-r, "Solve et coagula", well received by magazines and listeners, in 2005 Marco asked to Claudio Dondo, (playing a key role in the ambient genre for ten years with his band Runes Order) to cooperate on the creation of some instrumental parts and on the sound engineering on OUROBOROS second cd-r, "Nigredo".
The "Nigredo" cd confirms the debut good reviews, and some magazines and zines asks to interview Marco. Meanwhile, some tracks are played by independent radio stations in Europe, U.S.A and Australia. Part of the "Nigredo" unrelased sessions, not included in the cd-r, and a remix of a "Nigredo" track, are recorded for a limited 33 copies EP called "Lunarya Fisica", a little gift for the devoted die-hard OUROBOROS fans, quicly sold out. In 2007, OUROBOROS debuts with "Lux Arcana" for the japanese label Sabbathid Records. Many guests join Marco Grosso in this work: Claudio Dondo (Runes Order), mAlice and Aleph Zero (Deviated Sister T.V.), Daniele Davico (The Tenant) and Carla Fanetti, all of them giving their specific contribution to raise the musical skills of the cd. There is also a Sting cover, "Russians", originally included in "The dream of the blue turtles", revisited and arranged in the OUROBOROS way, as a tribute to one of Marco favourite artists.
After the successful release of "Lux Arcana" the notoriety of OUROBOROS raises strongly with many interviews, excellent reviews on specialized press, and the inclusion of "Lux Arcana" tracks on many radio broadcasts. In 2008, a new release called "Sigillum Solis" comes out together with Marco Grosso book, “Il solstizio d’inverno”, and contains some unpublished material from "Lux Arcana" sessions.
In the meantime the Belgian label "Bone Structure Media", releases an OUROBOROS unpublished track called "Lumen et umbra" in a limited edition of 3 cd box set, "Trinity on tritherapy", sold out in few days.
In the same year the Estonian label Hexenreich releases an OUROBOROS tape (split with Hiietont) with a collection of tracks plus a "Solve et Coagula" exclusive remix, limited to 99 copies.
On May 2008 comes out a 3" single for the Dutch label "Svaltgalgh Records", called “Lumen et Umbra”, that includes 3 tracks, rare and unreleased, in a limited edition, currently sold out. The same month a split 3" single called "Magick Ritual IV" is released by Svaltgalgh Records, including an unpublished track of Ouroboros, called "Ourovorax". In August Bone Structure Media prints out a compilation called "Fear is thy name", where OUROBOROS appears with an exclusive track called “Sepulchretum”.
On Autumn 2008, OUROBOROS releases a cd on the Chile based label Prime Unit Records, called "Vanitas", that contains covers, remixes and unreleased tracks from "Lux Arcana" sessions, with guest musicians as Nona Luna (soprano vocalist of Andromaca) and soprano Ilaria Taroni. In 2010 a collection of rare songs and b sides is published on cd-r by Invisible Eye Productions under the name "Primae Materiae". German label Quartier 23 in December 2010 publishes a digipack cd called "Ouroboros", that includes the sold out singles "Lunarya Fisica", "Lumen et Umbra" and "Ars Regia", plus two new unreleased tracks. In 2011 the US label called Ninth Meridian asks to Marco to release a new album on cd, and this work, called "Somnium", gets a good resonance in the American area. Polish label Zoharum, with a big distribution all over the World, decides to publish the album "Opus Tartari", recorded some years ago and never released. Another unreleased track is included in the double cd compilation called "From Earth to Sirius". In the meantime the German label Quartier 23 releases a double cd compilation called "Septem", where OUROBOROS appears with the neoclassical track "Tristitia", involving the opera singer Agratha from Russia. In the year 2012 a new EP called JANUA INFERI see the light, and to accompany Marco in his work we find talented singers Verdiana Raw, Marionita Paige and Agratha. The same year for the first (and probably last) time Ouroboros performed live at the Villa Festival (italian important dark ambient and neofolk venue), togheter with Verdiana Raw (on vocals and piano), releasing a dvd plus a cd of the performance. Beginning of year 2013 see Ouroboros release a new three inches single called “Sancta Sanctorum”, with the collaboration of operatic singer Desrée of spanish act Persona.

The Nanteos Cup (Welsh: Cwpan Nanteos) is a medieval wood mazer bowl, held for many years at Nanteos Mansion, Rhydyfelin, near Aberystwyth in Wales. Since at least the late 19th century it has been attributed with a supernatural ability to heal those who drink from it and traditionally believed to be fashioned from a piece of the True Cross.

El Vaso de los Nanteos es una reliquia conservada en dicha ciudad situada en Gales del Norte. Se trata de un vaso de madera del que solo quedan algunos fragmentos. Al ser de madera queda descartado que sea el usado durante la última cena, pues los judíos no beben sobre madera, pero algunos autores creen que posiblemente este vinculado ó sea el origen de las leyendas artúricas y la búsqueda del Grial.

Fue encontrado en Gloucester, y al parecer durante la edad media se le atribuyeron propiedades curativa, por lo que los bordes se desgastaron de tantas personas como bebieron de él. Durante el siglo XIX, se encontraba expuesto en la iglesia de Nanteos, y hasta allí acudió Richard Wagner para verlo e inspirarse para su drama musical, Parsifal, el caballero blanco que encontró el Grial según las leyendas artúricas.

The Wyrm - El Pecado Esculpido (extract)

Before time,
the first guardians were divided.
And the faction of truth and light,
led by wisdom,
fought against the Demiurge of lies.
And so it was in that battle,
broke the crown of wisdom.
And Gem tomorrow held therein
fell into the realm of the golden age,
Wotan, the ever eternal,
eyed dreamer and wanderer,
supported in simihuinqui
hanged by the secret knowledge,
found who was the first
and carved with fine grace that exillis Lapix
in the emerald glass.
Receptacle of consciousness and understanding
and was the one who gave it to white people
who inhabited the kingdom of gold
but the faction of lies
knowing that the Northmen
emeraldine would fill the treetop of reason and intuition,
where dwelt the same expired wisdom,
was quick to whisper in his ear black words of the Demiurge
who sank underground kingdom with the gold and the first knowledge
And this is where the time comes,
and white and aged people disappear ...
and wisdom is only the first eco ...
and emerald glass only memories ..

The text is from The Wyrm inspired readings of the books "Eschenbach Wolfram. Parsifal Ulysses and Orpheus" Written by Dr. William A. Lark, and "Fundamental Symbols of Sacred Science" Written by Rene Guenon

Antes del tiempo,
los guardianes primeros se dividieron.
Y la faccion de la verdad y la luz,
encabezada por la sabiduria,
lucharon contra el Demiurgo de la mentira.
Y fue así que en esa batalla,
quebró la corona de la sabiduría.
Y la gema de la mañana que en ella se sostenía
cayó al reino de la edad dorada,
y Wotan el siempre eterno,
vagabundo soñador y tuerto,
apoyado en el simihuinqui y
ahorcado por el conocimiento secreto,
fué quien la hayó primero,
y talló con fina gracia aquel lapix exillis
en el vaso esmeralda.
Receptaculo de la consciencia y el entendimiento
y fué el quien se lo entregó al pueblo blanco
quienes habitaban el reino de oro
pero la faccion de la mentira
al saber que los hombres del norte
llenarian la esmeraldina copa del arbol de la razón y la intuición,
donde habitaba la misma sabiduria vencida,
no tardó en susurrar palabras negras al oido del Demiurgo
quien hundió bajo tierra el reino de oro y junto a el, el conocimiento primero
Y es aqui donde surge el tiempo,
y el pueblo blanco desaparece y envejece...
y de la sabiduría primera solo queda el eco...
y de la copa esmeralda solo el recuerdo..

El texto es de The Wyrm* inspirado en las lecturas de los libros "Wolfram Eschenbach. Parsifal y Orfeo Ulises" Escrito por Dr. Guillermo A. Terrera, y de "Símbolos fundamentales de la ciencia sagrada " Escrito por René Guénon.

THE GRAAL - A tribute to the Holy Grails - delves into the myths around the sacred chalice: since its creation from a detached emerald gem of Lucifer, to the extravagant court of King Arthur, passing by the enigmatic Argentinean Patagonia, where there would be buried next to the body of the Knight Parsifal.

Old enigmas. Contemporary enigmas. All are looking for the Holy Grail, the magic object that can immortalize the body and soul of the one who has it

Un cáliz. Mil rostros. Mil aventuras. Mil perdiciones.

Los textos sagrados indican que, a partir de la crucifixión de Jesús, su sangre fue recogida en una copa por José de Arimatea, su primer protector. Este, después de ser apresado, llevó el cáliz hacia un sitio misterioso, una isla mítica donde se irguió el primer castillo y se instauró la orden de Protectores del Santo Cáliz.
¿Leyenda ó realidad metafísica? La búsqueda del Graal existió y existe en la actualidad; desde Asia hasta América, y son muchos los que atestiguan poseerlo en iglesias o museos. Un grial, mil griales.

Que es el Grial si no un Mito. Los mitos forman parte del sistema de creencias de una cultura o de una comunidad, la cual los considera historias verdaderas. Al conjunto de los mitos de una cultura se le denomina mitología. Cuanto mayor número de mitos y mayor complejidad tiene una mitología, mayor es el desarrollo de las creencias de una comunidad. La mitología sustenta la cosmovisión de un pueblo...

El médico e investigador Vicente Rubino, explora el concepto de los mitos y su relación con el origen del pensamiento humano.

Realización: Diego Arandojo
Música: Neønymus
Copyrigth 2014

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