THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails

The sacred texts indicate that during Jesus’ crucifixion his blood was collected in a cup by Joseph of Arimathea. After being released from prison, he took the chalice to a mysterious place, a mythical island where it was built the first castle and was created the order of The protectors of the Holy Grail.

Is this just a myth or a metaphysics truth? The search of the Graal existed and exists in the present time; from Asia to America, and there are many who say they have it in churches or museums. A grail. Thousand grails

Soon (GH Records, Logia 933, Lafarium Cuartiquis) A Musical Tribute To the Holy Grails: The Wyrm, Kazeria, Turnavel, Circuncelion, Igniis, Stillme., Dernière Attaque, HIPERBOREI, Ouroboros…A super special edition with illustrations Albæ Mostazovska

THE GRAAL – A tribute to the Holy Grails – ahonda en los mitos alrededor del Cáliz Sagrado: desde su creación a partir de una gema esmeralda desprendida de Lucifer, hasta la extravagante Corte del Rey Arturo, pasando por la enigmática Patagonia Argentina, donde se hallaría enterrado junto al cuerpo del Caballero Parsifal.
Enigmas antiguos. Enigmas contemporáneos. Todos buscan y desean el Santo Grial, objeto que permite la inmortalidad del cuerpo y la salvación del alma.

Estamos preparando (GH Records, Logia 933, Lafarium Cuartiquis) un tributo musical al santo Grial con Bandas como, The Wyrm, Kazeria, Turnavel, Circuncelion, Igniis, Stillme., Dernière Attaque, HIPERBOREI, Ouroboros…Una edición súper especial con ilustraciones de Albæ Mostazovska

Erg - Sacro Catino

Erg is Dark Ambient project created in 2003

song based inthe history of the Sacro Catino

Persona - Phoenix Graal

Persona is a band from Barcelona formed by Òscar and Desirée since 2005, when they included a song called “Bellum Vitae Tenebris” on Koji Tano Tribute Compilation by Steinklang Industries. The name of the band was inspired by the movie of the swedish director Ingmar Bergman. The word comes from the etrurian, greek and latin tradition of theater and means character (according to this tradition of the ancient tragedies and mask roles).

STILLME. - Carne de Olivo

| sound art | field recordings | experimental | ambient | phonography | improvisation |

Igniss - Uaritumi Erks Nagua

:Igniis: experimental musical project that was born in the late 90's with the name Lilith `s Son
Over the years, took a more acoustic-electronica, probing the sites of Folk, Neo-folk, dark-folk or as they like to call it.
Thus, the Son of Lilith, decides to blow himself, and to be renamed Igniis (fire, in Latin).

Ouroboros - Sanctum Gradalis

OUROBOROS is a musical project born in 2004 from an idea of Marco Grosso, that decides, after several years of esoteric and alchemic studies, to realize through the music, the path of the Great Opera of Alchemy, in his research for the Philosophical Stone.
OUROBOROS tracks bring the listener in the ancients fogs of Medieval Times, with their sad and restless mood, Latin litanies.

The Wyrm - El Pecado Esculpido (extract)

The Wyrm as a musical project born in 2002 as a result of terrorist coverage (from the artistic standpoint) of Plagiarism is Art, the thematic line songs, to be: forgotten traditional customs, extreme nationalism, witchcraft and paganism.

The Wyrm navigates between gender Dark Folk and Martial eventually take center stage by offering a host of clear-cut musical folk instruments

THE GRAAL - A tribute to the Holy Grails - delves into the myths around the sacred chalice: since its creation from a detached emerald gem of Lucifer, to the extravagant court of King Arthur, passing by the enigmatic Argentinean Patagonia, where there would be buried next to the body of the Knight Parsifal.

Old enigmas. Contemporary enigmas. All are looking for the Holy Grail, the magic object that can immortalize the body and soul of the one who has it

Un cáliz. Mil rostros. Mil aventuras. Mil perdiciones.

Los textos sagrados indican que, a partir de la crucifixión de Jesús, su sangre fue recogida en una copa por José de Arimatea, su primer protector. Este, después de ser apresado, llevó el cáliz hacia un sitio misterioso, una isla mítica donde se irguió el primer castillo y se instauró la orden de Protectores del Santo Cáliz.
¿Leyenda ó realidad metafísica? La búsqueda del Graal existió y existe en la actualidad; desde Asia hasta América, y son muchos los que atestiguan poseerlo en iglesias o museos. Un grial, mil griales.

Que es el Grial si no un Mito. Los mitos forman parte del sistema de creencias de una cultura o de una comunidad, la cual los considera historias verdaderas. Al conjunto de los mitos de una cultura se le denomina mitología. Cuanto mayor número de mitos y mayor complejidad tiene una mitología, mayor es el desarrollo de las creencias de una comunidad. La mitología sustenta la cosmovisión de un pueblo...

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